Baller Black Eagle Watch Clasp Instructions


The Black Eagle Baller is unique because instead of a standard clasp it has a stainless steel locking clasp just like the original series Baller that Joe Madison was wearing during his marathon broadcast.  These clasps provide a quick and easy way to get your watch on and off your wrist.  To open the clasp and adjust the sizing of the strap pull up on the top of the Lion Logo shown above.  This will release the clasp and allow you to set the pin on whatever hole you need to fit your wrist.  


Once you have found the best hole to fit your wrist just close the hinge tightly and you will never have to use that part again unless you want to change the sizing.  Once it is sized properly you simply use the two buttons on the side of the clasp to release it.  The clasp will lock again automatically when you fold it closed it on your wrist.  



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