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A supernova occurs during the end of a star’s life when destruction is marked by one final, colossal explosion causing the appearance of a “new” star that will gradually fade from sight over several weeks, months, or years.  

Did Benjamin Banneker witness a Supernova during his many years of observing the stars?  

Nobody knows for sure since nearly all of his research, writings, and worldly possessions (including his famous clock) were said to be destroyed when his house was burnt down while his funeral was going on just a few hundred yards away.  

This brand new Watch by Banneker is super fly-weight with a Skateboard Wood Case and nylon strap (Red or Black).  Weighing just over an ounce you’ll hardly notice you are even wearing a watch until people start asking you questions about it (and they certainly will ask).  Each Banneker watch contains genuine wood to pay tribute to the accomplishments of Benjamin Banneker who was an astronomer, surveyor, musician, authored almanacs, and built the first clock in America from parts he hand-carved of wood.  


Features Include:

44mm Skateboard Wood Case (Lightweight and Colorful)
20mm Nylon Strap - Red
Ultra-Lightweight Watch weighs less than 1.5 oz.
Stainless Steel Buckle
Watch Case and Case Back constructed from Skateboard Wood
Japanese Seiko PC21 Movement - Battery Powered
2 Year Limited Warranty

**Because of the natural wood this watch is not waterproof


Every Banneker Watch & Clock contains genuine wood to honor the legacy and history of Benjamin Banneker.  With your help we can ensure that Benjamin Banneker receives his rightful place in American History.  


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2 Year Warranty on the Movement. 30 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee